Why it is essential to have analytics installed to your website

Why it is essential to have analytics installed to your website

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Google analytics is a free service that will provide you with essential information and statistics to help you to better understand how people behave on your website or blog.

What does google analytics do?

Google analytics will help you track the web traffic that comes on to your website or blog. Is useful to help you figure out what actions web users undertake to land on your website. You can analyse if people land on your page through searching for your services or product on search engines such as Google or through links posted on social media sites.

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From this information you can see what strategy will work the best for you. If you spend time posting links on social media sites such as Twitter, and from your analytics you find that users from this source is giving you a return, this will prove a worthy strategy to work on. On the other hand, if you find from your analytics, your social media strategy is not working you can try work on your SEO for increasing organic acquisition.


Analytics will help you improve site navigation

Analytics will certainly help your website in terms of navigation. You can figure out how long people are staying on your website. If they are staying on for a short period, then there is something wrong with your content.

To get started with Analytics

Go to analytics.google.com

Enter all the credentials for your website including name and url

Get the tracking code and add this to your website


Now you can start tracking your website to see how well your content is performing.


You  should continue to keep changing up the content on your website so that you can test what your customers like and do not like.


Analytics can really help you regarding how well your website performs and how you can convert your customers to leads





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