Gomovies123 Review & Alternatives

Gomovies123 Review & Alternatives

Posted by on Oct 13, 2018 in Entertainment

Gomovies123 is one of the best sites to watch movies online. The website keeps changing names because it is not 100% legal in various countries so it keeps getting shutdown.


At the bottom of this post we will show you some fantastic alternatives to getting to see your favorite movies online for free.


We also want to highlight that there are hundreds of free movie websites available on the internet, however alot of those sites are fake and some will install malware on your computer or smartphone. This malware can destroy your software on your device and render it unusable. What is worse is the fact that you could lose personal information like bank details or your personal insurance number or credit card details. For these reasons you need to be very careful when using these sites to watching movies online.


What is Gomovies123 Hub

Gomovies123 Hub is an alternative to¬†Gomovies123 and should not be confused. You need to be careful as some sites that go under the name “gomovies123hub” are fake sites and could install some malware and viruses on your computor, tablet or smartphone, depending on what you are using.


Gomovies123 Alternatives

If you have been using Gomovies and found that the link you have been using has stopped working or been brought down, then here are some alternatives that you can use to watch movies online.


Showbox App

The showbox app is a good app to get movies on the go. It only works with smartphones and tablets. You can get it for Android and you can get it for iphones. There are movies and TV shows available on this free to download app. It is not available to download from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store as they consider it an illegal app infringing copyright laws.



Yes Netflix is not free but at least its very cheap at $7 a month. It isn’t going to break the bank and at least it is not illegal.