5 Best UK Manufacturing Blogs To Read In 2019

5 Best UK Manufacturing Blogs To Read In 2019

Posted by on Jan 17, 2019 in Business

Blogs are proving to be a more and more popular way to keep up to date on changes and developments in the manufacturing industry. Which manufacturing blogs are the best?

The following blogs are are some of the best manufacturing blog news websites to help you stay in the loop with the latest news in the industry. 

5 Best Manufacturing Blogs UK

1) The Manufacturer 

Ranked number 1 in the best engineering blog news websites we see the The Manufacturer. Undoubtably the leading engineering and manufacturing blog site in the UK.

We have seen lots of high quality posts so far in 2019 and we can expect many more to come as changes and breaking news stories develop throughout 2019. 

Covering all the manufacturing sectors, it is an essential resource for any manufacturing boardroom, with monthly updates on leadership articles, regulatory updates and best practices. 

2) Expert Manufacturer 

Along with The Manufacturer ranking in the best engineering blogs, we see Expert Manufacturer ranking in the best manufacturing blogs with the high quality up to date content. 

A new and upcoming blog on engineering and manufacturing, Expert Manufacturer provides articles from the manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors. Covering all sections, it is a go-to resource for professionals on all levels.

With a wide variety of content from leadership articles, blog content and news updates regularly, it gives you a true inside into the world of engineering.

3) Manufacturing Times 

Manufacturing times is a comprehensive source of manufacturing business insights and business growth advice. The site has a wide range of content that provides a platform to discuss developments in the 21st century.

With its top blogs focusing on business organisation and managing staff within a manufacturing and engineering business, it is a site that is definitely worth staying up to date with. 


ROWSE is a electrical company based in the UK that sell wholesale electrical products, however they also have a great blog page on their website.

Following a range of sectors to do with electrical manufacturing they have many great blogs that help share their knowledge and understanding of electrical manufacturing. 

5) The Manufacturing Institute 

The Manufacturing Institute is a great way to keep up with industry news, interviews and research. With regular updates on their blog page they are continuously releasing up to date and relevant content for you to follow. 

These websites create the most up to date top quality content for you to grow and expand on your existing knowledge of the manufacturing industry.