5 Best Places To Buy Durabase Matting

5 Best Places To Buy Durabase Matting

Posted by on Jan 18, 2019 in Business

If you are a tiling company it is likely that you will be using Durabase matting for setting out tiles for your project.

In this post we are going to talk about Durabase matting and where you can buy it. If you have floors to tile, you may need this matting to provide a better job.

Durabase can be considered as tiling membrane and an alternative to Ditra matting.

Where To Buy Durabase Matting

First and foremost, where should you go to buy it? We recommend that you buy the Durabase product at the following hardware stores and online tiling supplies shops:


ProTiling Supplies are one of the most trusted names in supplying tools and equipment to the tiling sector in the UK and Europe. ProTilingSupplies sell Durabase matting

at the best prices from what we can see online. They offer the Durabase CI++ Movement Matting at 30mt a roll. The size is 30m length x 1000mm wide.


Tilefix also stock a wide range of products by Durabase. If you are looking for quality matting for your tiling projects, this could be a great option for you.

If you are a tiler looking for tiling supplies, then we certainly recommend that you try either of those two sites mentioned above as they are reliable tiling suppliers.

What is Durabase Matting?

Durabase mats are used for tiling floors. By installing such a mat, cracks that may be present in the floor will not affect the tiles. This also works well in buildings where there may be slight movements in the structure. By tiling on the mats, the chances of cracks and tile breakages will be decreased should there be movements in the substructure.

Here are the benefits of Durabase:

  • Prevents surface cracks caused by substrate movement in the building
  • 100% waterproof matting for tiles
  • Bridges gaps that may be present in the substrate
  • Nylon mesh top layer gives perfect adhesion to tile
  • Can be used on newly laid concrete and old, problematic floors

How To Install

Durabase can be installed in any type of floor where tiles are to be prepared and laid.

The first step is to ensure that the floor is clean with no dust.

The Second step is to check for vertical movement. If there is vertical movement, no matting will prevent cracking.

Thirdly, measure the area to be covered with matting before tiling commences.

The forth step is to cut the Durabase to Size Using a utility knife.

The fifth step is to layout the Durabase matting and proceed with tiling.

This post should give you a good overview of the Durabase product, the benefits and where the best places are to buy it.