5 Best Examples of Marketing In The Crushing Industry

5 Best Examples of Marketing In The Crushing Industry

Posted by on Dec 11, 2018 in Marketing

The crushing industry has been disrupted in terms of online marketing. There are a number of companies that have really broke away from the old trend of just having a shop front and cold call quarries and mining companies around the world trying to hard sell their products. Today it is different as a result of the rise of inbound marketing.

In this post we look at some of the best examples of online marketing in the crushing industry.

5) Super Off Site SEO 

Companies like CMS Cepor have done some serious link building and as a result, they have so many inbound links to their website meaning they dominate search engine listings.

If you have access to link building tools like Moz, you can see the number of high authority links that the company has to its website.

4) Social Media

Some companies like Blue Group leverage social media to find new customers and to stay connected with their existing customer base.

See their Facebook page to get a better idea of exactly what they do and look at the crazy number of likes that they have despite being from a “boring industry”.

3) Make It Easy To Request A Quotation

Northern Crusher Spares is one of the leading crusher spares companies in world having a reach online and customers in all continents across the world.

One of the most impressive elements of what they do is make it so easy for visitors to request a quotation. See the fixed jaw plate page as an example.

This page has lots of call to action buttons which means a visitor has many options to get it right!

2) Exceptional web Design

The crushing industry has seen some fantastic web designs in the past and they continue to get better. Again using Northern Crusher Spares as an example, the Toggle seat product page again demonstrates how a business can become uber successful as a result of leveraging the internet.

1) Bringing All Marketing Strategies Together

There is no question that all the inbound marketing strategies outlined above have some impressive result but what if you bring all the strategies above together? It means you can transform your business completely and totally overhaul your business.